Mighty Tactical Shooter

Turn-Based Tactical Side Scrolling Shoot 'em up - In Development.

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Snake, battle and roll!

Rocking comedy

Bullets 'n' Gravity wheel o' doom!

Vine Dodge with Gravity - Seamless Replay (Mighty Tactical Shooter)

Some seamless replay from latest Alpha of Mighty Tactical Shooter

Boss Fight then Seamless Replay and Movie Creation

Mini Trailer v2 for Mighty Tactical Shooter

Kickstarter Video for MTS

Some of the tutorial level

Laser vs Rocks

Dispatching Swamp Boss

Solving Logic Problems

Tech Boss Fight - Combining Weapons

Make a wave shoot itself

Bullet Hell the MTS way

MTS Intro Pre Alpha

MTS Title Music

Teaser Trailer for Mighty Tactical Shooter (audio improved)


Prototype Boss Fight and New UI

MTS Teaser 1 (Version 3)

MTS Teaser 1 (improved titles)

Greenlight gameplay with titles

More gameplay footage, with new Buddy gfx.

High(er) Res Early Gameplay Video

Mighty Tactical Shooter - Early sample of path bending via gravity wells

More path bending with Grav Wells