Mighty Tactical Shooter

Turn-Based Tactical Side Scrolling Shoot 'em up - In Development.

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Tactical. Make a plan.

Plan out your movements and attacks in detail with an ultra-modern tactical UI.

Gravity. Bend it.

Bend the paths of incoming enemies with gravity wells and bubbles.

Old Skool. Like an 80's SHMUP.

Looks like a SHMUP right out of an 80's arcade. In stunning 320x240 huggable pixels.

Story. Only Stranger.

A strange tale of vengeance and a lot of repair...

Tunes. Don't Fight The Music.

Original music by NOYJ.

Physics. Give Your Boom Some Bounce.

Adds a pinch of dynamism to proceedings.

Side-kicks. Buddies for (artificial) life.

AI Buddies play an integral part in the game-play and story.

Weapons. Be A Big Shot.

Nothing you won't have seen before... used in peculiar ways.

Bosses. Only Smarter.

Leave your reflexes at home. For the bosses you'll need to wear your best planning hat.

See the Universe. But remember, it's looking at you, too.

Make friends and alienate people.