Mighty Tactical Shooter

Turn-Based Tactical Side Scrolling Shoot 'em up - In Development.

Watch Teaser Trailer

Play it at Rezzed!

That's right, we're showing at Rezzed

We've been quiet recently because we've been putting all our energies into preparing a demo of Mighty Tactical Shooter for Rezzed 2014. After Rezzed the demo will be available more freely in the build up to our Kickstarter campaign in April.

The Leftfield Collection announcement

EGX Rezzed Website

Team Sock Thuggery will be there for the full three days, likely hanging around the Leftfield Collection trying to listen to people's comments about the game. We might be harder to find on Saturday because we've entered the Rezzed Game Jam.

EGX Rezzed Logo

What is the Leftfield Collection?

From the Rezzed website: "For the last two years The Leftfield Collection has championed a range of indie games many of which defy genre classification. Curated by David Hayward, games that have featured in previous years include Gone Home, Proteus and That Dragon, Cancer."

A Press Kit, Finally

It's been on our TODO list for a long time, but there's finally a Press Kit