Mighty Tactical Shooter

Turn-Based Tactical Side Scrolling Shoot 'em up - In Development.

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Mighty Tactical Shooter at Rezzed 2015

Rezzed 2015

Mighty Tactical Shooter, the turn-based retro shoot ‘em up, is returning to Rezzed! After the great reception the early prototype received in The Leftfield Collection at Rezzed 2014, successful Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, much part and full time work, we’re back to show off progress.

MTS is studio Sock Thuggery’s first indie game - and it’s a strange one. Retro 80’s arcade style turn-based tactical gravity bending shoot ‘em ups with light RPG elements and a dynamic dark and twisted story don’t come along every day. Would that they did!

What’s new for Rezzed 2015?

  • More intuitive UI with Touch screen support (exclusive first for Rezzed!).
  • More original artwork by Pipsissiwa.
  • More original music by NOYJ.
  • Seamless replay (record a video of your antics without any of the pauses).
  • More AI Buddy banter and a dynamic timeline looping context driven story.
  • More weapons, bosses and level content.
  • Power core plugins.
  • Bump map lighting to give an extra sense of depth without detracting from the retro look.
  • New Objective and Repairs systems.
  • A metric boatload of Achievements.
  • Say goodbye to Repair Buddy (we miss you, bud) and hello to Power Buddy!
  • Generally faster and slicker.

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