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Applied to Develop Indie Showcase

Develop Conference


As Develop:Brighton (UK annual games development conference) happens right in our back yard it would be remiss not to apply for the Indie Showcase. I've no idea if we'll be picked, or what the selection criteria are, but those selected get a stall to demo their game (complete or in development) to attendees. At the end of the show there's an attendee vote on the games in the Indie Showcase.

Normally I would have waited until the last second and then panicked my way through the procedure at two minutes to the deadline, but thanks to constant and unerring prodding by Pipsissiwa and Joe it was all done weeks ahead of time.

The application form itself was a breeze. Why? Because I listened to people who gave me good advice way back at the start of becoming indie. By keeping an up to date Press Kit of information and screenshots in one place it meant I didn't have to think too much during the application process - it was all to hand when needed. Cut, paste, upload, done. So if you're also an indie and don't yet have a press kit, know this - your future self is throwing you a huge party right now because you just saved them effort and stress at a time when they were stretched to the limit.

Why Apply?

I've had some fascinating conversations with developers who've exhibited at past Indie Showcases at Develop. I'd like to experience it from the other side, to find out what it's like to exhibit to a crowd consisting mostly of other developers, to have yet more fascinating conversations. And, of course, I'm doing it because I'm scared of doing it :)

All Talk

The keen minded will remember that I've (Johnny) already been selected as a speaker as part of the Indie Bootcamp day. Indie Bootcamp is a selection of free talks aimed at aspiring indie devs. I'll be talking about that most pernicious of opponents - fear.

Indie Dev?

If you're an indie dev (and I know there's a few of you in the ranks) and you're umming and ahhing about attending then please feel free to ask me any questions about the event (either in the comments or via direct message).


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