Mighty Tactical Shooter

Turn-Based Tactical Side Scrolling Shoot 'em up - In Development.

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An ultra-modern tactical UI, an 80’s arcade shooter theme, a sprinkle of physics and gravity bending, some classic shooter inspiration, a dark plot, some mild RPG-like progression, and you’ve got a tactical 2D shooter like no other. It’s about tactics, not reflex. Your move.

Initially for Windows, Mac and Linux, followed by Tablet (iOS and Android).


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A ship severely damaged and broken on the surface of a strange and hostile planet. Laying in the fallen wreckage of the orbital facility that built it. A stolen, injured and untrained pilot. Limited means of repair. We’re well out of warranty here.

Tenacious class fighters were never intended to fly solo. But this particular ship was never supposed to fly at all. It was the last pre-production test unit before the facility was due to start churning out thousands of fully specified ships. Things go... somewhat awry. They’re not getting better any time soon.

It’s time to get fixed, get flying, get shooting, and get even. Adopt new skills and tactics as the ship repairs, enemies diversify and the plot unfolds. Face a battle of wills within your own ship as you try to please and appease the ship's three personality AI systems. Make choices no-one should have to make on your brutal journey across the universe to... well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Don’t just make your mark on the universe - blow a hole in it!

  • 80’s arcade style side scrolling shoot ‘em up graphics combined with an ultra modern high resolution free flowing turn-based tactical planning interface.
  • Visual prediction paths of enemy movements allow you to precisely target your shots and moves. If you think that makes it easy - think again!
  • Gravity weapons allow you to bend the path of bullets and enemies. Why tire your trigger finger when you can make them shoot each other and themselves?
  • Draw missile paths to precisely target enemies and destructible terrain.
  • End of level bosses have a more tactical twist.
  • Dealing with bullet hell is about brains, not reflexes.
  • Switches, logic traps and bosses that just wouldn’t be possible in a reflex shooter.
  • Interact with the three AI buddies (left hand side of the screen) that combine to run your ships systems: Repair Buddy (middle), Gun Buddy (bottom) and Shield Buddy (top). Tinker with their settings until they work the way you want... ...just don’t expect them to get along.
  • Balance gun power, shield power and repairs during turn planning to reinforce your tactics. Want to bash something? Send more power to Shield Buddy! Need some overkill? Power up Gun Buddy! Need to repair? Stay out of trouble for a while and let Repair Buddy work.
  • Manage damage and repairs using a simple and innovative system. Tweak the ship’s inventory and fabrication priorities to suit your style of combat.
  • Multiple environments, levels and chapters.
  • A darkly twisted plot with a harrowing ending. You’ve got some tough choices to make along the way.
  • Achievements based on myriad stats, for both brute force and style.
  • Follow drones! Reflecting lasers! Particle beams! Limpet mines!

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