Judgement Daves

One Player, Two Daves, Guns and Puns!

Due to an administrative oversight all Daves were left for last when the Demons of the Apocalypse came a calling.

Only a few Daves remain. But they have had time, they are prepared.

It's time to kick ass and shoot demons. And they're fresh outta ass!


An experimental twin stick shooter where ONE person controls TWO players simultaneously. Think of it as Robotron written by somebody that hates you.

I'm not a total masochist, the player doesn't have to shoot independently. Shooting is automatic and at the closest baddie. But weapon selection and movement of both players is down to just one person. The focus is on movement and positional tactics, not raw fire power.

Can the human mind take such a thing? Briefly, yes. But as soon as the pressure is on it seems people forget their training and lose the stick to player association - it just adds to the tension! Or swearing. Or Something.

Did I say it was experimental? I mean like 3 days old experimental. It didn't exist before that.


Pistol - Fast Firing, Low Damage, Low Knockback. Good for slowing the demons down or finishing them off.

Rifle - Slow Firing, High Damage to a whole line of baddies (high powered bullets, and all that). Moderate Knockback.

Shotgun - Slow Firing, High Damage, Massive Knockback. Deeply satisfying, occasionally useful.

Can this game technique ever work? I have no idea, but it's fun to watch people try and play it. I assume. No one else has played it. That's how new to the world it is.


  • Controller support is only what Unity can see, configured via the Input tab on start up. I only have a PS2 controller USB dongle, I don't even know if this works on any other controller.

  • All GFX are placeholder from OpenGameArt at the moment.

  • It's generally early days, so I'd add a lot more before the show.