Website Update

A few quick website updates:

  • Main page now has latest blog, video, and screenshots.
  • Social links take up less space (smaller font, smaller well).
  • New logo image for MTS. The old one hosed on some external sites due to transparency - My fault, not theirs, it was one I used for video titling and on a black background the problem doesn't show.
  • List of blog posts by author appear under their image on homepage. Forgot to add it to their bio page, tho :( Next time!

And some previous updates I forgot to mention before:

  • Videos now order by YouTube published date, not date added.
  • Links to teaser trailer in game pages header.
  • A whole bunch of back-end improvements that help my workflow, yay! The whole point of rolling my own instead of using something like Wordpress or Drupal was so that I could tailor the workflow to my exact needs.

Anyone got an iDevice?

I think the carousel (image scroller thing at the top on the main page) doesn't render correctly on iDevices, can anyone confirm this? I don't have easy access to an iPhone or iPad.

Please email me if you see this problem, thanks -