VIDEO Spotter's Guide To Fear - Develop:Brighton 2015 Talk

I applied to present a talk on fear for Develop:Brighton 2015. No-one was more surprised than I when the talk was accepted. I'd been banking on it being rejected.

Not that I set out to have it rejected, I just knew it would be a less fretful path if it was. I could then have had all the satisfaction of courageously applying without any of the actual effort or worry of creating and presenting it.

Thankfully I was selected, and in retrospect a talk on fear isn't such a daft thing to have at a game development conference.

The talk itself wasn't recorded. Which was a shame because instead of the expected reaction of being chased from the room with pitchforks and being run out of town to chants of "burn the heretic!" - the talk went down well. Very well. Shockingly and rather stunningly well. I guess if there's one silver lining to being a fearful person it's that when things go well it briefly feels like a miracle.

Because of the number of requests I've shared the slides and re-enacted the talk to camera. Hopefully I'll get to present the talk again to an audience and have it recorded, that's how it was truly meant to be seen. Anyway, enough fearful bluster as I try and prolong your viewing and judging of the talk. Go for it...