A link to the latest Kickstarter Update

Why do a game jam? Why make this game?

I talked at Develop:Brighton 2015 about fear in a talk called Spotter's Guide To Fear. Sadly it wasn't recorded, so I've re-imagined it as a straight-to-video effort...

We've applied to Develop Indie Showcase. Will we get in? Who knows!

Things that happened and were learned from exhibiting at Rezzed 2015

Mighty Tactical Shooter will be at Rezzed 2015 showing new and interesting stuff...

The first of the monthly progress updates during Kickstarter funded development.

From around 5.30pm (UK time) tonight (29th August) I'll be on the @TerraTechGame Twitch talking to them about MTS.

Tried to make the website a little less messy

Announcing the Design-a-Boss Competition winner.

We're now 25% Towards Seamless Record Stretch Goal. Hooray!

Now we've reached 100% it's time to reach for some stretch goals...

Experiments with Eyes and Voices...

I'm on Reddit all day in /r/Games - come and Ask Me Anything.

With 6 days to go we discuss The Future Of Weapons, Multiverses, Wallpaper Samples

With just 7 days to go - Kickstarter Update #8 : New Demo - Scores, Boss Timer, Buddy Readability

The latest Kickstarter update is available. It talks about future plans for Power Plug-ins.

Announcing the finalists of the Design-a-Boss Competition we've been running.

Announcing the Honourable Mentions for the Design A Boss Competition we've been running.

Demo and Kickstarter ARE LIVE

Liz has painted the Swamp Boss as the top tier Kickstarter reward for the upcoming Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter for MTS will being on Wed 2nd July.

We've been selected to show at Radius Festival. Hooray!

Where is April's promised Kickstarter?

See Mighty Tactical Shooter at The Gadget Show Live 2014

We'll be at Rezzed 2014 as part of the Leftfield Collection showing off Mighty Tactical Shooter

I decided to try out an alternative move system.

Work on getting resolution and aspect ratios correct for different devices. Checkpoint saves (and the UI) and game state serialisation. Demo release delays due to being busy contracting.

Some changes to the Sock Thuggery website, and a question about rendering on iDevices

Noyj talks about the process of creating music for Mighty Tactical Shooter

A quick bit about the innards of the game and how they're progressing.

Aiming for a small demo in January.

A new website was long past due. So here it is.