The Sock Thugs laid bare to the world.

The Mighty Git

End of Level Boss

Gameplay and Programming


After many years doing 'sensible' software engineering, and a few years in the games industry (NCsoft on MMOs, Linden Lab on Second Life), I've taken some excellent advice from someone close to me - my 12 year old self.

Career-wise I first thought I needed a 'sensible' IT career to make money, so I had one. Then I thought working in the games industry (that had finally grown into a sensible career move) would satisfy me, so I moved into it. Then I thought running my own sensible IT business would give me a much needed sense of autonomy, so I did that.

Each of those phases gave me something I needed. The ability to understand, create and manipulate complex systems programmatically. The ability to write the 'boring' bits. Communication skills. The understanding of the games industry and the various creative and wonderful people in it. How to trust and rely on myself. All the things I was missing as a 12 year old who just wanted to make games.

So here am I, a 12 year old with an additional 29 years of skills and experience, skilled and supportive friends and colleagues, living in a city with a vibrant game development community. You can see where this is going.

I'm going to make my own games for a living. I'm not there yet. It will take a few years of bootstrapping during which I will be contracting out my Senior Programmer, interim CTO (useful for start-ups), Agile and Lean, Scalability Engineering and many, many, other geeky skills. All to the most interesting bidder.

Then I plan on being 12 for the rest of my life.


Minister for Eye Candy



Biologist, Teacher, Crafter, Artist, Mouse wrangler.


Minister for Waveforms



I discovered pretty early on in life that I had a knack for writing music, be it for classical guitar, church organ, various chamber ensembles…

Then I discovered electricity (yes, that was me), and wrote music for the bands – and later on, improv ensembles – in which over the years I played the guitar, keyboard and recorder, at the same time compromising the integrity of assorted noise-making gadgets.

Then I discovered computers, and aren’t they great? My portfolio now includes a host of genre-busting electronic music, as well as music for film and animation (some self-made), while the presence of interactive and generative music making looms ever larger.

My aim is to maximise the proportion of [a combination of all the above] to [that which finds me having to do other, non-musical stuff to get by]. So. More game music!


Minister for Yarn Spinning

Storycatcher and Word Tamer


I write short stories, interactive fiction, and occasionally turn-based SHMUPs. Okay, just one turn-based SHMUP. I live in the vain hope that the illegitimate, wailing offspring of my ongoing writing education provide some measure of entertainment and comfort to those who stumble (or are occasionally pushed) into contact with them.

I have been known to rant vociferously over the tops of empty pint glasses (and occasionally at moving traffic) about narrative design, interactive storytelling, and the relationship between game design and story. I should probably find a healthier hobby.